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ExAM Initial Use

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Welcome to ExAM!

ExAM offers an extensive list of functionality and feature that allow for a variety of use case. With these features come a fair amount of app configurations and initial set up that is required to get it functioning properly. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the important steps to take when you have first downloaded ExAM.

1. Setting up Assess Anything
2. Setting up Assignment Manager's Overall Status on Submit
3. Creating an Assessable Object (Confirming Assess Anything is functioning)
4. Google Maps Configuration
5. Public Site Assessment URL Configuration 
6. Utilizing ExAM Assessment Template Library
7. Importing an Assessment Template to ExAM
8. Creating an Account in ExAM
9.Navigating to ExAM Command Console  
10. Distributing your first Public Assessment 
11. Completing a Public Assessment 
12. Creating a Custom Assessment Template




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