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Utilizing ExAM Assessment Template Library

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As you become more familiar with ExAM you will find that it has endless possibilities of customized assessments, surveys, inspections and data calls, but initially, the possibilities could be a bit overwhelming and impede your ability to utilize the functionality that is available. That is why we have conveniently provided you with an online library of pre-made assessment templates. Whether you just want to download and import these assessment templates directly into your Org and start collecting data or you just want to see what is out there to gain some inspiration you can easily find these templates here. We are continually updating our product and services to ensure that the end user is receiving the best experience and those practices are also seen in our ExAM assessment template library. As we think of new and exciting use cases we will be sure to provide those examples at this location.

Now that you are have navigated to the ExAM Assessment Template library you are able to download various assessment template at your leisure and import them into your Org. For this example, we will show this process using the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

From the ExAM template library, you will click on the Cloud Icon of the Customer Satisfaction Survey to download the XML file.


The file for the assessment template has now been saved to your computer as a .xml and is available to import into your Org.




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